I need help...

No matter if you need basic help installing software on your pc, serious repair work or an expert on designing your network, our technicians at the Karaman Communications will provide a solution for You and your business!

We offer hardware / software, for onsite / in shop, Residential / Commercial

At Karaman Communications we are committed to working in partnership with you. We not only strive to exceed in supplying you with your technical needs, we also dedicate the time and energy to listen to your personal & business needs to develop the right solution on-time and within budget.

Computer System setup, repair, maintenance & upgrades for your home or business.

  • Operating System Installation & Upgrades for Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008
  • File System restore, reformat
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Software/Hardware Installation
  • Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Printer / Scanners / Cameras Installation & Configuration.  
  • Password resets
  • Remote and onsite administration and support

Managed IT and Remote services.
Lower your costs for the latest technology and minimize downtime with our fast, on-site and remote services. Our support agreements are completely customizable to meet the needs of your organization. Service Agreements, Hourly & Flat Rate Pricing

Customized service plans that meet your needs.
Our Remote Technicians Can Help You

  • Speed up a slow computer
  • Remove a Virus, Spyware or Trojan
  • Install Antivirus or Antispyware
  • Fix error messages and repair the registry
  • Setup a new printer
  • Configure an Email Account
  • Administer you server(s)

Great Value and Convenience

  • Free Anti Virus software for one year included with our remote services plan
  • Sit back and watch our technician fix your pc remotely
  • No unnecessary surcharges or additional fees
  • Courteous, Secure and Reliable Technicians
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rating

Data Backup, Lost data recovery / Emergency Data Recovery.
Hard drives die for a variety of reasons.  Extreme temperatures, a hard knock such as dropping, or you simply ended up with a lemon.  There are a wide number of reasons that they fail.  If your hard drive has crashed though and you thought that your data was lost forever, that might not actually be the case.

  • Data Backup: Our Data Back UP services stores your data electronically and transmits it to secure underground storage facilities.
  • Missing Data Recovery.
  • Failed Hard Drive Recovery.

Network solutions, wireless or Ethernet.
Your network is vital to your business. When problems happen, you need a company with a fast response time. In addition to traditional wired networks, our technicians are experts at installing, configuring, and securing wireless networks and VPN’s. Whatever your computing needs are, Karaman provides the solution.

  • Office, Wired / Wireless Networks. Installation & Repair, Maintenance
  • Design/Structuring/ Cabling /Cat5, Cat6, Fiber Optics
  • File and Printer Sharing, Email, Remote Computing Options
  • Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008  Server

Virus / Spyware/ removal and anti-virus protection.
Does it seem like your computer has a mind of its own? It could be a virus or spyware. No matter what kind of computer you have, you always need the most up-to-date Anti-Virus software. Not only do Anti-Virus programs protect your computer from crashing, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing the infection to other computers of family and friends when you send e-mails or share files.  

  • Virus Removal, Repair Disaster, Recovery, Prevention
  • Firewall Protection, setup & configuration
  • Privacy and Security Analysis and Education
  • FREE! Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware Software if you sign up for our Managed IT and Remote Services

Professional IT Consulting / Training.

  • Friendly on site tutoring, Internet, Email, Windows, Office, Software, and much more
  • Network Strategy, Security Assessments

Complete web presence development.

  • Email/Site Optimization, Graphics Design, Web Services, Personal or Business Websites
  • High Speed Internet Connections

Custom Desktop/Laptop/Server Systems build. 

  • Premium System Hardware.
  • PC’s / Notebooks / Servers PC Based
  • Business Leasing